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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

Halberts are notorious for letting unfinished business pile up until it is forgotten but I for one am working very hard to change my ways.

Recently, I have been going through old emails and methodically taking care of things I should have taken care of a long time ago which sometimes includes taking care of...

Gary Halbert’s Unfinished Business

First, I need you to know that in business, there is nothing we Halberts like more than...

Raking In A Ton of Cash for Very Little Work

Other people like to build empires but we like to grab a bunch of fungolas and head out to go shopping for toys like boats, cars, watches, clothes etc and then we take a bunch of time off.

We work hard when we have to but I for one measure money in time. Every time I get a check, wire transfer or a bag of cash, I immediately calculate how much time it will buy me before I have to go back to work.

Unlike my father, I’m not comfortable living on the edge, so I always have enough money in reserve to pay the bills and put food on the table for at least 3 years and I haven’t “needed” to work in over 14 years but I still love fast cash which is why what I’m about to share is so exciting.

I also know for a fact that our father intended to write a newsletter about this because the story can put a lot of money in your pocket.

Here it is.

Back in 2006 a man named Nader Anise used what he learned from The Gary Halbert Letter to slap together a sales page which brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and I’m about to point out the parts of his sales page you can replicate to make your business a lot of money very fast.

I know for a fact our father was very impressed with Nader’s results and intended to write about this in his newsletter and here is proof...

Nader was selling marketing advice to bankruptcy lawyers when he took a page out of Gary Halbert’s book and put together this very clever piece of sales copy.

Now before you think his ad doesn’t look very impressive let me share some numbers and explain how to use the brilliant copy to make money right now.

First, the digits...

32.5% of the unique visitors to the site purchased the $25 teleseminar. There were 198 total buyers x $25 = $4,950 in teleseminar sign ups alone.

An Amazing 97.5% of the lawyers who purchased the teleseminar actually dialed in to listen. No refunds were requested and almost everyone stayed until the very end of the call.

On the telseminar, Nader sold DVDs of his legal marketing training for an extra $26,896 with an average sale of $135.84.

Over the next two years, as a result of this one teleseminar, Nader sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching/consulting, and copywriting products to the exact same bankruptcy lawyer niche.

So without any further ado, here is the ad and then I'm going to break it down....

Link To Nader's Sales Page On A Wayback Site

The Five Huge Lessons You Can Use To Make More Money Out Of ALL Your Marketing


Lesson Number One

Now this ad has all the elements of effective copy and it would take hours to explain every little detail so I'm going to cover the big takeaways and explain how to use these ideas to make massive improvements to your own copy.

Let's start with the most important piece of copy which is always your headline.

1. All standard copywriting courses teach you to call out your prospects in the headline and in this case the target audience is bankruptcy attorneys. Make sure the headline let’s prospects know the the copy is talking about people just like them.

If your customers are divorced people say something in the headline which makes them think “hey that's me!”

2. Never give away the secret or lead on that what they are about to read is an ad. Make your headline sound like a news story just as Nader did in this case.

3. Make sure your prospects can see from the headline there may be some benefit by reading the ad. The bankruptcy lawyers reading this ad are obviously hoping to learn how people like them are cashing in on new bankruptcy laws.

4. Make sure your headline talks about something which appears to be happening now. All humans have a fight or flight response to anything new. That is to say they immediately try to determine if this is something they want to get away from or if this is something they want.

You can trigger the response which makes them feel like they need to run after your products by wording the headline in such a way that something good for them is happening right NOW as opposed to about to happen or has happened.

Here is an example:

Compare these two headlines...

Copywriters Who Took The Halbert Workshop In The Past Have Been Able To Double Their Prices

Copywriters Signing Up For The New Halbert Workshop Are Able To Double Their Prices!

The second headline triggers that more urgent need to get in on the workshop.

Lesson Number Two

The second lesson I'd like to point out is your proof elements must meet the expectations of prospects and this sales page is a perfect example.

The video on the right straight up says Nader is a recognizable leader in his industry. It shows a lawyer surrounded by law books and in a fancy lawyer-like suit being interviewed.

This is all off to the right so as soon as a prospect is wondering “who is this Nader guy?” the answer is right there but the sections are clearly formatted so the reader knows it's there but doesn't have to read this until they have that question.

The testimonials come in the middle of the copy just where a bankruptcy lawyer would want to know if this really works which is a hot tip.

Read your copy as though you are a potential buyer and mark the minute you would start asking yourself any questions and then... make the statements that will answer those questions right before the point you would start wondering.

A great copywriter tries to control the propsect's every thought and always wants them to hear what they need to know in order to buy before they can even think of any questions they might have.

Lesson Number Three

Always spell out the risks vs. the benefits for the prospect.

In PS #1 Nader points out that all the attendees are risking is $25 and the potential benefit is a lot of income. The higher the price, the more time you should spend explainig the risks vs. the benefits to the prospects.

When I sold high ticket items I would make the following statement.

Suppose I am a complete fraud. Imagine I don't care about the reputation I built over many years and I am going to give up my home and family, run off to Costa Rica with your $4,000 and start my life over. In this case you may have to contact your credit card company and wait up to 90 days to get your money back but what if I'm right?

What if what I have to show you gives you a whole new income stream and the financial independence you have been searching for?

If you think about it this way, you really can't afford to not give my service a try.

Lesson Number Four

Do NOT stop selling your product after an event such as a webinar.

When marketers host a successful webinar they usually just repeat the process over and over again until they get tired and then move on to something else which is a giant mistake. You can simply add a few lines to the top explaining the recordings are being made available but you can also make more money by re-mailing offers to the people who attended.

Nader sent one email to the attendees on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and one of Friday -- offering the same products. Remarkably, as a result of those three emails, he DOUBLED the number of sales he made on the day of the teleseminar.

Lesson Number Five

Of course there are lots of other standard lessons in this copy about being sure to add bonuses, reinforcing your buyers' views of the industry etc but I want to point out one last simple copywriting strategy because this sale page is a perfect example.

Great marketers always use plain and ordinary everyday language just like the words used in this ad and this is targeting an entire industry of people who make a living using a college level vocabulary.

Notice Nader didn't use language like fiduciary or any other fancy words lawyers love to lord over regular folks.

This proves that great copy is simple to read no matter how educated the prospects are.

Never talk over your prospects head and always run your copy through a program like the Hemingway app and replace fancy words with simple words.

All the best,


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