Kevin's Calendar

       For I don't know how long, my father often asked me if I wanted him to plug my photography on his web site, and I always declined. The only photos of mine he put on the site were ones he asked me to take of his girlfriend Sirian.

       Bond has urged me to start posting my Photography in the form of a monthly calendar. My father often spoke about the Pirelli calendar, so I find it fitting to agree to do one here, especially because it can help justify my fathers expense in my education at the Art Center College of Design.

       The calendar is much more than eye candy. Here you will find dates for important up coming events, including seminars, webinars, teleconferences, product launches, and deadlines for what I like to call hit and run offers. Check back often and if you haven't done so already, join the announcement list

       If you are interested in hiring Heather for your marketing campaigns, shoot me an email. I have a very good BS detector and so do professional models, so only contact me if you are serious about incorporating them in you marketing.

       Think models don't fit with your marketing, read what my father wrote.. (Scroll down to read)


      Once upon a time, I was introduced to a guy who claimed he was the greatest living income tax expert in the world. I don't know if he was or not, but I do know he went bankrupt not too long after I met him. Anyway, this guy spent some really serious money in advertising in the Wall Street Journal and his ads usually developed the theme of:

How To Pay Zero Taxes!

       Well, his ads were, I understand, fairly successful. And then one day, he got a picture of a beautiful, bosomy blond from a local photographer and he used that picture in one of his ads. Her picture did not belong in that ad. There was no connection between a sexy blond and a study course on how to reduce taxes. But guess what?

That Ad Was The Highest-Puller He Ever Ran!