40-year master copywriter CLAYTON MAKEPEACE — named "World's Highest Paid Copywriter" and "Copywriter of the Year" by the prestigious American Writers and Artists Inc. — invites you to ...

Unlock the copywriting secrets he uses to turn small direct marketing companies into goliaths … and ordinary copywriters into legends!

Clayton has used these strategies and tactics to generate nearly $1.5 billion in sales for his clients ...


And to earn him royalties of $300,000 … $600,000 ... even up to $1.4 million in a SINGLE MONTH.

Now you can unleash the power of these world-class, sales-exploding secrets in your own home or business to multiply your income in record time!

By Wendy Makepeace
General Manager,
The Total Package


Dear Business-Builder,


It’s really quite simple: If you want to create promotions that consistently shatter sales records and blow your competitions doors off...


While writing them faster and easier than you ever imagined possible — shaving hours ... days ... even weeks off the time it takes you to complete a project.


You might as well learn from the copywriter who, according to American Writers and Artists Inc., earns more money doing it than anyone.


That would be my hubby — Clayton Makepeace.


And now, you can learn every one of the copywriting secrets that make Clayton millions every year — and experience your own breakthroughs almost immediately — with his complete A-Z copywriting system!

When Clayton stumbled upon this business in the early 1970s, he was a high school dropout with a family --struggling to survive on his minimum wage income.

On day ONE, his income jumped to $70,000 ... and then it quickly soared to $300,000 ... $500,000 ... then $750,000 per year. And since 1995, he’s banked paychecks of $300,000 ... $500,000 ... up to $1.4 million PER MONTH.

That's why, for the serious copywriter or marketer, the Quick-Start Copywriting System has quickly become the definitive guide to copywriting riches. This massive, 1,063-page resource is the only place you can learn the exact processes and secrets Clayton uses to consistently produce explosive results ...

It’s the same process he’s taught to no fewer than seven high-profile copywriters — like Kent Komae, Parris LampropoulosCarline Anglade-Cole, and Bob Hutchinson — who've also gone on to make millions...

Jay Abraham
CEO - Abraham Group

"I’ve been a personal friend of some of the world’s truly great, legendary and glorious copywriting and direct response masters and brilliant conceptual geniuses. Clayton has to rank up there with the best.

“In the copy department, he's world class. In the concept department, he is masterful. In the direct mail world, he is tops. And I say this being somebody who's recognized in many of those areas, but he's different and a very, very remarkable, not just doer, but translator of the process. By that I mean, he knows how to teach you to do what he does and how he sees life and thinks, a very rare and very priceless ability that can be wildly and dramatically impactful to your life and your bank account.

"As someone who sold tens-of-millions of dollars of products and programs with online generated teleconferences, I can tell you Clayton is someone you really need to listen to and learn from.

And it’s the very same process he personally used to:

  • Launch Security Rare Coin— a rare coin dealer in the mid-70s — from a respectable $300,000 per month in gross revenues to a staggering $16 million per month in just 12 months...
  • Explode the financial newsletter Safe Money Report from 30,000 paid subscribers to nearly 120,000 subscribers worldwide — quickly building it into the largest of its kind in the world ...
  • Create a new control for a nutritional company that produced an instant 60% lift in response ... generated tens-of-thousands of new customers ... and racked up sales of nearly $50 million ...
  • Build an e-mail campaign and online sales promotion that generated an 80% revenue boost for a new client — with campaigns that raked in as much as $10.5 million in as few as six weeks, and...
  • Write a promotion that compelled 60,000 investors to register for an online event — and ultimately sold more than $20 million worth of product over the next five weeks!

And that’s just scratching the surface of the incredible power contained within the pages of the Quick-Start Copywriting System ...

Quite simply, it's the closest you'll ever come to a masters degree in marketing!

This is far more than just an encyclopedic collection of the world’s most time-honored and proven copywriting strategies and tactics: it’s Clayton’s complete A-Z system for creating blockbuster promotions:

  • From climbing inside your prospects’ skin and identifying the emotional hot-buttons you'll need to stroke to create a compelling promotion...
  • To crafting headlines and decks that grab your prospects by the eyeballs...
  • To the secrets for presenting your product and its benefits in ways that ignite irresistible desire...
  • To creating persuasive sales arguments that are simply too compelling for prospects to ignore...
  • Right on down to presenting your offer, guarantee, closing copy and even your order form in ways that maximize response and your average sale...
  • And every one of the scores of “do-or-die‚” steps in-between that most copywriters miss ...

The Quick-Start Copywriting System is the ultimate way to create emails, online sales pages, direct mail, print ads — and even TV and radio spots — that create sales windfalls. 

More than merely a course in the art and science of writing grand-slam promotions, this massive volume is also the ultimate reference — constantly standing ready to feed you the big ideas you’re looking for and also to help solve any copywriting challenge you face:

  • Need to find out exactly which EMOTIONS are going to make your prospect buy? Look at page 81. You’ll find simple questions that pinpoint exactly what your prospect is feeling right now!
  • If your product isn’t selling like you think it should be … your OFFER may be the culprit. Fortunately, the simple 5W1H formula revealed on page 102 can turn that around in a matter of minutes!
  • Not sure which BENEFITS to include in your e-mails, your sales letters or product launch? There's a chart on pages 140 and 141 that shows you a laser-accurate way to hone in on the benefits your prospects sure to respond to!
  • Believe it or not, you might only be a few PROOF ELEMENTS away from millions. Page 171 shows the proof elements every piece of copy must have — and page 182 reveals a simple technique Clayton used to increase response on a promotion by 1,300%!
  • Okay so you've got a great product ... a killer headline... body copy that’s impossible to stop reading ... a generous guarantee ... SO WHY AREN’T YOU GETTING RICHER THAN MIDAS? Page 208 explains why — and then, it gives you a simple process guaranteed to dominate your market!
  • Split-testing one headline against another can give you a huge edge in your Internet promotions. When combined with the dozens of quick, easy headline writing secrets you'll discover in Chapters 9, 10 and 11 — you could be one split-test away from a massive breakthrough!
  • First few paragraphs of copy stumping you? Flip over to the sure-fire “lead starters” in Chapter Twelve! You'll get 24 instantly useable ways to start your copy off with a bang, more quickly and easily than you’ve ever done before.
  • Copy feel dull, boring or slow? There’s emergency help for you on page 533 that will have you firing up the power of your copy in no time.
  • Sometimes it only takes one killer BULLET to get someone to buy an information product. And Chapter 16 gives you 21 proven formulas for writing like the world’s best. This information has become legendary among A-list copywriters!
  • Having trouble asking for the sale? Clayton's unique and uniquely powerful process — revealed on page 607 — has caused copywriting legend Gary Bencivenga to call him “A Master Closer in Print.‚” Why? Because Clayton’s used it to close nearly $1.5 billion in sales during his career.

     Bottom line: Whatever your challenge is ... whatever part of your copy and advertising you want to improve ... you'll be doing so more quickly and more easily than ever before ...

... The Quick-Start Copywriting System gives you  EVERYTHING  YOU NEED to create winning promotions

Now All Online - Available Instantly

  1. It’s MASSIVE: You get 1,063 big pages, positively packed with tips, tricks and techniques to multiply your response. In every section, we take you by the hand and explain everything to you in a simple, foolproof series of steps.
  1. We don’t just tell you how to do it ... INSTEAD WE SHOW YOU HOW TOP WRITERS DO IT!  We never leave you guessing about how to use or apply these explosive, moneymaking techniques. Instead, we show you how it looks and works in the real-world, with one winning example after another.
  1. You'll never be overwhelmed — because you can use the course to suit your own unique needs. Whether you're a future copywriting star who wants to follow Clayton’s own A-Z process for creating a blockbuster promotion ... or you're a super-busy business owner who recognizes that a few little changes in your copy could make you a LOT more money and need to find answers and ideas FAST...

… The Quick-Start Copywriting System is designed to sit next to you on your desk — fit you “hand in glove‚” — and effortlessly give you the breakthroughs you need.

    • You get easy-to-use Action Steps worksheets for each chapter.

         With as many tips and secrets as we condense onto each and every page of this course, the process of implementation can sometimes be daunting. But don’t worry — we’ve taken care of that for you!

         At the end of each chapter, you have a quick summary of the key points in the process ... specific actions you can take to apply the process to whatever you're writing now ... plus, you get the easiest and best ways to transition into the next section of your promotion!

    • You get a complete history of direct response — with many of the biggest “aha‚” moments and insights discovered by the legends of advertising over the last hundred years.

         Remember: Direct response marketing is rich in tradition — and if you want to be great you must learn to stand on the shoulders of the giants who’ve come before you. From Kennedy and Powers ... all the way to Ogilvy and Schwartz, you'll be taken through their stories ... their discoveries ... and how to apply what they discovered to today’s tough markets.


    • You get the most complete, most instructional, direct response glossary available today.

         (Over 67 dense pages long!) It’s priceless if you’ve ever been confused by terminology other marketers use.

         Also, this glossary is NOT filled with mere definitions — each term comes with a full explanation (almost its own “mini-course‚”) so you understand it immediately and can use it whenever necessary.

         Just so there can be no confusion about the step-by-step process revealed in the course, we walk you through not one BUT TWO of Clayton's most successful magalogs.


         And we show you, page-by-page, EXACTLY how he used the same process you learn in the course to create these blockbusters!


         RESULT: You can “model‚” Clayton’s proven approach in your own writing assignments — and personally experience the amazing explosion in response that these tested techniques invariably produce.

         We also give you the time-tested QwikCrit Template (the process Clayton personally developed to measure the strength of a promotion}.

         This process makes it easy for you to measure the quality of your own copy, or simply hand it over to someone else so they can critique it for you. Clayton's past students have happily paid as much as $750 just for this process alone!

         Think of it as “insurance‚” against the risk of running namby-pamby, limp-wristed copy. Now you'll be able to tell how well you've done ... instantly identify any weak spots ... and shore them up BEFORE they have the chance to diminish your response.

    PLUS, you get $1,214 in valuable response-boosting bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE!

         In addition to the 27 Chapters of response-boosting dynamite ... in addition to all the “learning accelerators‚” sure to multiply the rate at which you experience actual, measurable results — you'll also be getting a separate audio and video component to The Quick-Start Copywriting System — absolutely FREE...

    You get SIX “Getting Started: Lessons With the Masters‚” audio interviews featuring five legendary copywriters — a $474 value, FREE!

         On these fascinating CDs, you'll listen in as today’s most successful copywriters reveal their secrets for creating competition-crushing promotions that tum little companies into massive ones ...and how they’ve personally made millions!

        • Audio Interview #1 — Clayton Makepeace on establishing quality relationships with your clients: How to make sure there’s enough chemistry (and why you should leave when there’s not) ... the secret to avoiding “losing‚” situations way before you ever get involved in one ... and more ...
        • Audio Interview #2 — Clayton Makepeace on his secrets of mind-blowing productivity: You'll discover how to avoid procrastination (and how to make it “productive‚” when you do procrastinate) ... the simple secret to staying motivated all the time ... why your “breaks‚” may be the most important part of your writing process ... and so much more...
        • Audio Interview #3 — John Carlton's secrets for storytelling that sells: The “Marketing Rebel‚” whose hard-hitting copy has exploded the sales and profits of countless entrepreneurs — and spawned a whole generation of Internet marketers who rip off his copy — tells you exactly how he does it
        • Audio Interview #4 — The legendary Jim Rutz on how to unleash the creative genius inside you: Jim commands a $100,000 flat fee for every new promotion he writes. Once you hear this interview, you'll know why
        • Audio Interview #5 — David Deutsch on creating irresistible curiosity and insatiable desire: The “A‚” list copywriter and creativity expert whose had as many as six red-hot controls for Boardroom at one time comes clean!

    David Deutsch
    Million-Dollar Copywriter

     "You need this course"

    "I've seldom seen the art and science of copywriting so thoroughly deconstructed and reconstructed in such an insightful and useful way.


    "If you want to know what works in copy today and how to do it yourself, you need this course."


    • Audio Interview #6 — Brad Petersen on the dumbest blunders marketers make: The “No BS‚” copywriter Clayton has partnered with dozens of times reveals how you can avoid today’s most common response- killers!

         Normally, we'd charge at least $79 for each of these one-hour plus interviews — you get all six— a $474 value in all — FREE with your copy of The Quick-Start Copywriting System!

    You get three eye-opening
    Video Training Sessions
    — a $297 value, FREE!

         What could be better than hearing Clayton and other master copywriters as they tell you the secrets to writing gangbuster copy? How about having them show you right on your computer screen!

    • Video #1 - Copy Autopsy ... with Clayton Makepeace: You'll learn how a master copywriter performs postmortems on both winning and losing promotions ... identifying what worked and what didn’t... and what must be done to turn a luke-warm promotion into a big winner!
    • Video #2 — Secrets of Winning Graphic Design ... with Clayton Makepeace: You'll discover why lousy design equals lousy credibility ... the #1 purpose of all graphic design, both online and off... and scores of techniques for maximizing the attention-getting power and readability of every promotion you create!

      Video #3 — How to Crawl Inside Your Prospect’s Brain ... with Clayton Makepeace and John Carlton: Not one, but TWO of the world’s leading writer’s reveal their secrets for instinctively knowing what must be said to grab your prospects’ attentioncausing him to devour your sales copy and compelling him to order NOW ... not tomorrow!

    Clayton has often charged $99 for a single, one-hour online training session.
    You get all three of these videos — a $297 value 
    — FREE with your copy of The Quick-Start Copywriting System!

    But that’s not all, because we want to ensure you have absolutely everything you need to take your writing to the next level and beyond — and really kick your income into high gear.

    So you'll also receive THREE additional Bonus Gifts.

    Once you've completed the course, these powerful bonuses will take you even further — giving you even more master’s level secrets and tactics you can use to immediately rev up the power and intensity of your copy ...

    Bonus Gift #1:

    You get our huge, 240-page volume

    Swipe Files of the Copywriting Superstars

     — a $197 value, FREE!

         Want to see how other copywriters frame a headline ... create a world-beating eyebrow and deck ... or craft the first few all-important lines of body copy?

         Would it help you to see how million-dollar copywriters use these secrets to raise intrigue to a fever pitch ... intensify the value of every benefit they offer ... and make the price seem like a steal?

         How about the secrets they use to close the deal and get the money flowing in like a tsunami right NOW — today?

                This special, 240-page volume of Swipe Files of the Copywriting Superstars is replete with full-color scans of winning promotions from “A‚” list writers like Parris Lampropoulos, Carline Anglade-Cole, Kent Komae and Brad Petersen.

    You'll understand the secrets to writing powerful, response-boosting copy on a deeper level than ever before.

    In the past, The Total Package has offered other swipe files for $197 — but Swipe Files of the Copywriting Superstars is yours FREE when you order today!


    Bonus Gift #2:

    You get our 60-page desk reference
    "Emotional Trigger Words"
    that automatically  cranks up
    temperature and intensifies
    the selling power of  every promotion
    you ever write

    — A $147 value, FREE!

    Have you ever struggled to infuse your headlines and sales copy with the emotion and enthusiasm that'll drive your prospects stark raving mad for your product or service?

    Now, those days are over!

    Emotional Trigger Words is your step-by-step guide to applying what Clayton swears is his most unfair advantage: His ability to tap into his, prospect's dominant resident emotions each time he writes.

    You get an astounding 1,336 of the most powerful and persuasive words and phrases ever written — straight from the pages of the best controls by the best writers.

    To develop this masterpiece of emotion, we spent nearly a year scanning a huge archive of winning promotions — carefully picking out the words and sentences top writers consistently use to trigger emotions in their readers.

    Then, we categorized those words according to the emotions they “trigger.” Which means if you want to stimulate your prospect's anger, just flip to the “anger section‚” ... find the word you need ... and PRESTO ... your copy has just become more ALIVE!

    Also, each word comes with a sample sentence, so you see exactly how the top writer used it in his own copy. This is like your own “swipe file‚” of emotional words and killer sentences — just modify them for your own copy and you're off to the races!

    Plus, we did this with DOZENS of DOMINANT EMOTIONS — all the ones you need to write more emotional, more responsive copy.

    It’s a complete mini-course on writing high-energy copy that grabs the attention of your prospect and moves them along the path you want them to take.

    Emotional Trigger Words is listed in our online store right now for $147. But it’s yours FREE when you order your copy of The Quick-Start Copywriting System today!

    Bonus Gift #3:
    You get our 40-page desk reference
    The #1 Way to Electrify Your Ads
    revealing Clayton's simple secret that
    guarantees maximum readership
    and peak response — A $99 value, FREE!

    The #1 Way To Electrify Your Ads is your secret weapon to applying one of Clayton's most closely-guarded, masters-level skills to every piece of copy you ever write.

    If you look closely at Clayton’s hottest, most successful promotions in the financial market, you'll find TONS of colloquial expressions and clichés peppered throughout his copy.

         Phrases like stacking the deck ... lightning fast... have your cake and eat it too ... taken to the cleaners ... a king’s ransom ... like money in the bank ... worth its weight in gold ... AND MANY MORE!

         These phrases are one of the single most powerful ways to infuse your writing with personality ... quickly ramp up its visceral impact ... and make it far more interesting and fun to read — all without breaking a sweat!

         The result: You'll keep your prospect glued to your every word and following the slippery slope you've laid out for them ... straight to the order form and the sale.

         This one skill is something that normally takes many years — sometimes even decades — to master. And now you'll be able to master it in a matter of weeks or months.

         The #1 Way To Electrify Your Ads is an additional $99 value. But you get it absolutely FREE when you order your copy of The Quick-Start Copywriting System today!

    These secrets and strategies have created nearly $1.5 billion  in sales for Clayton’s clients ...

    They’ve earned him royalties of up to $1.4 million in a single month...

    Order now and the Quick-Start Copywriting System... A $2,711 Value is yours for only $1,497!

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    ¬•You get The Quick Start Copywriting System two-binder set — a $1,497 value: You get 1,063 big pages ... complete with examples of each technique in real-world promotions ... your personal Action Steps worksheets ... detailed analysis of Clayton’s promotions ... and so much more.

    You get your six-part Getting Started: Lessons with the Masters audio series — a $474 value, FREE! You get amazing copywriting insights from million-dollar copywriters like Jim Rutz ... John Carlton ... David Deutsch and Brad Petersen ... PLUS, two exciting interviews with Clayton that will empower you to create enjoyable, highly-profitable relationships with clientsand maximize both the work time and play time you experience as an independent marketing pro.

    You get your three, eye-opening one-hour-plus Video Training Sessions — a $297 value, FREE! Clayton's Copy Autopsy ... Secrets of Winning Graphic Design with Clayton ... and How to Crawl Inside Your Prospect’s Brain with Clayton and John Carlton.

    You get Swipe Files of the Copywriting Superstars — a $197 value, FREE! You get the complete 240-page volume featuring some of the greatest copy ever written by some of Clayton's most successful former students — like Parris Lampropoulos, Carline Anglade-Cole, Kent Komae, Bob Hutchinson, and Brad Petersen.

    You get the ground-breaking, 60-page Emotional Trigger Words — a $147 value, FREE! The ONLY complete resource for putting one of Clayton's most explosive secrets to work for you in every promotion you ever write.

    You get the eye-opening, 40-page reference The #1 Way To Electrify Your Ads— a $99 value,

    FREE! This incredible guide is your secret weapon for infusing your copy with so much personality and visceral impact your prospect will never be able to put it down.

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    You Can Test-Drive Your Quick-Start Copywriting System for a FULL 30 days Risk-Free and make sure it delivers everything you need to make all the money you want or you don't pay one red-cent!

    Here’s the deal: When your course arrives, rip open the box and dig through some of the 1,063 pages ... pop in and listen to any one of the killer audios or watch a video training session ... feel free to even steal ideas from the Copywriting Superstars Swipe File ... and if you’re not 100% confident you have everything you need to ramp up your response, profits and income for the rest of your life — just return it anytime in the next 30 days and I'll promptly refund your money, no questions asked.

    That's right. You get to look through the entire course and even put the Quick-Start Copywriting system through its paces — and keep it ONLY if you agree that it’s the best career investment you've ever made!

    I ask you: What could possibly be fairer than that?

    I've invested three years to make this the ultimate career-making tool for you. 

    I've loaded it up with extra response-exploding tools worth thousands of dollars And I'm willing to let you use it without risk, then get 100% of your money back if it doesn’t, multiply your response, profits and income.

    Now, my friend, the rest is totally up to you…

    Look: Great sales copy is the single most important factor in multiplying the success of your marketing.

    It’s the magic ingredient that can create money almost out of thin air ... produce 6-week, $10.5 million e-mail campaigns ... quickly turn $20 million pipsqueak companies into $120 million empires ... and it can earn copywriters as much as $650,000 per month in royalties.

    Now, there’s an important decision to be made ...

    You could, for example, choose to do nothing ... go on from here alone … and miss out on the powerful multiplying effect more compelling sales copy would have otherwise had on your promotions.

    Or, since there’s absolutely no risk — since you’re guaranteed in writing that the Quick-Start Copywriting System will magnify money and accelerate your success or your money back — you can choose to take action now and rocket your career to the next level.

    There simply are no other choices.

    I sincerely hope you decide to give us the chance to blow you away with the proven processes and secrets I reveal in The Quick-Start Copywriting System.

    Now, it’s decision time. The choice is yours: Here's the link — you know what to do.

    Wishing you every success,


    Wendy “Redhead” Makepeace
    General Manager


    P.S. As a copywriter, marketer or business owner trying to survive today’s harsh economic climate, can you afford NOT to have these powerful secrets at your fingertips? Just look at what Todd Brown had to say:

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    Quick-Start Copywriting System

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    FREE Gary Halbert Bonus!

    The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series

    This bonus is PERFECT.


    Because it is a priceless collection of other real world experts who have generated many millions of dollars using Gary Halbert's secrets.

    Not only that... these street wise experts reveal their own special spin on Gary Halbert's insites... they also add their own money making tips and tricks.

    This long list of experts include...

    Quick-Start Copywriting System

    YES, I'm ready to recession-proof my income and achieve the success I've always! wanted ... send my copy of the Quick-Start Copywriting System, along with my money-making bonus materials — a total value of over $2,711 — today!

    I pay $1,497 now and you'll give me instant access to the entire course immediately — including all $1,214 in response-boosting bonuses — a total value of $2,711! I understand that I have a full 30 days to decide whether I'll keep the Quick-Start Copywriting System. If not, return it within 30 days for a full and prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

    Now All Online - Available Instantly

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