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Dear Friend & Subscriber,

Right off the bat I want to thank all of you for the enormous outpouring of gratitude when I revealed I was going to continue to publish this newsletter.

I'm not going to write how I feel about that outpouring of appreciation. I don't want to say something that would seem maudlin, sappy, or smart ass. All I want to say is this: Thank you. Thank you very much.

In that same newsletter, I mentioned I knew approximately 15 secrets to make websites more profitable. I also mentioned you would never learn these secrets from the likes of John Reese, Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders, Ken Evoy or any other Internet guru. Upon rereading the last issue of my newsletter, I felt I could have stated the last fact a little more intelligently.

I absolutely did NOT mean this in a disparaging way.

John Reese is an Internet wizard. And indeed knows a lot about making money on the Internet that I don't have a clue about. I don't know Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders or Ken Evoy. But from what I hear, they are Internet wizards also. They each have a great deal of Internet savvy which I do not possess. In fact, I'll bet any of the aforementioned individuals could buy and sell me 100 times over.

Actually, with all I've experienced in the last few months, buying and selling me (currently) would not be much of an achievement.

Remember when I told you I was going to tell Mark Joyner one secret that would magnify the profitability of almost any website? And remember how I told him he wouldn't even have a clue about this particular secret?

Well, after I said that to a very skeptical Mark, I asked him to take a little trip with me. I live very close to a monster of a hotel ("The Grand") which has 962 rooms and suites. In the lobby of this hotel there is a grocery store, a newsstand, a men's clothing store, a few other retail outlets, and a restaurant ("Los Gauchitos") which serves the best steak I've eaten anywhere in the world.

There is also another rather small retail store named "NICAMAKA". This particular store is owned by a 73-year-old man whom I consider to be a true Internet guru. He used to own the world-famous Chesapeake Restaurant in the Florida Keys. Anyway, after he sold that business, he began traveling to Nicaragua frequently and discovered the workers in that country created, what are quite possibly, the most comfortable and luxurious hammocks in the world. He started importing those hammocks to the United States and selling them out of his little retail space in the lobby of "The Grand".

His name is Raymond Baur. And, believe it or not...

90% Of His Sales

Come From The Internet!

Can you imagine that? Here is a guy selling hammocks on the Internet and selling so many, he is able to provide a good lifestyle for himself and his two sons.

I took Mark over to Raymond's store and explained that 90% of the sales from his store were actually made from the Internet. Mark was stunned, that is, until I told him Ray's secret for getting all those Internet sales. It's a secret I've known for a long time. But I never told anyone else who owns a website about this particular secret. As I said, Mark was stunned. He saw the reason this secret worked immediately and he was shaking his head over the simplicity of this secret. Mark said, "Wow! It's right there for everybody to see. But it is so transparent, it's almost invisible to the naked eye."

Then Mark paid me a compliment by saying, "You know Gary, it is only a guy like you who could see such a powerful secret that is so transparent and right there in plain sight for anybody to pick up on... IF they have the marketing savvy to do so."

I'd like to give Raymond Baur and his store "NICAMAKA" a plug in my newsletter. (By the way, some of those stunning pictures of my girlfriend, Sirian, were taken while she was posing in hammocks from his store.)

Anyway, he has two websites... and I'd like to suggest you go visit those websites and perhaps even buy one of those hammocks (you'll LOVE it!) and mention I referred you.

Now, as you already know, Mark and I are teaming up to give a marketing seminar in June. Mark is an extraordinary human being. Let me tell you a little about him.

Mark's a former U.S. Army officer and Cold War veteran of Military Intelligence who has been awarded for his service by the Korean Consulate General, the U.S. Army, the Republic of Korea Army, and the President of the United States.

He turned a fledgling one-man operation (Aesop Marketing Corporation) into a thriving multi-million dollar International corporation. Mark has sold untold millions of dollars of products and services over the Internet. He wrote the first seriously popular e-book, "Search Engine Tactics" which was downloaded over one million times by 1998, when he finally just stopped counting.

Mark has been the marketing force behind many top 100 web properties. One of them was his now-extinct "" which became the #36 most visited website on the planet within 6-weeks of its release.

His last print book, "Mind Control Marketing" shot to #1 on in 48-hours, beating out Rudy Giuliani's book, "Leadership", which was receiving International publicity on CNN every 30-minutes.

Mark sold off his business a couple years ago and now does limited private consulting for select clients when he's not working on his upcoming print books or philanthropic projects.

Here are a few comments made about Mark Joyner by other people:

"Mark Joyner is the Tiger Woods of Internet marketing. He is singularly skilled in demystifying online marketing through the use of his unconventional tactics that work." - Mike Litman, Host of the International radio show, "Business Breakthroughs"

"Mark Joyner is an International marketing genius. If someone were to ask me 'how does one sell on the 'net?', I would reply, 'ask Mark Joyner. He is the best, no question.'" - Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the "Guerilla Marketing Series"

"Mark, I just want to say a real thank you to you. Like Napoleon Hill studied the most successful people in his era, I have studied you. I have diligently applied your simple, yet effective marketing strategies and principles to launch an overnight online success. I went from $500 per month to $500 per day and I truly owe it all to you." - Mike Filsaine,

"Mark is a genius. I was in the dark before my consultation with him. Within one-hour he turned on the light in my brain about my marketing, my website and even my life's key direction. I was in the dark before my consultation with him. I'm standing in the sun and beaming now after that consultation. I'm astonished, smiling and ever so grateful." - Dr. Joe Vitale (, #1 Best-Selling author of "Spiritual Marketing"

If I wanted to, I could give you the names and extremely positive comments a huge number of other individuals have written about Mark.

Mark is truly a unique human being. He speaks Korean fluently (a surprisingly important factor for an Internet marketer), he has lived in monasteries in India, studied with Native American Shamans, and traveled as a missionary throughout Africa. This does not even include all of his adventures in the field of Military Intelligence, which I cannot write about here.

If there is anything Mark Joyner does not know about Internet marketing... I can't imagine what that would be. And, I'd like to say (with uncharacteristic immodesty) if there's anything I don't know about conventional direct marketing... I can't imagine what that would be.

As I wrote in an earlier newsletter, when Mark and I first met in a Cuban restaurant in Bayside Shopping Center in Miami, it was almost like an atomic fusion. We were so excited about what we had to teach each other, that there was Mark punching away with his stylus on those microscopic buttons on his PDA as fast as he could. And there was Sir Gary of Halbert, the self-proclaimed Master of Direct Marketing, scribbling notes about what Mark was teaching me as furiously as my hand could write on napkins, envelopes, and whatever scraps of paper I could find.

When it comes to marketing, you know what you've got when you mix Mark Joyner with Gary Halbert? I can answer it for you in one word:


People who come to the Joyner/Halbert seminar (no wait damn it! Let's call it the Halbert/Joyner seminar) they are going to learn things about Internet and conventional direct marketing that has never ever been taught before. 

Start thinking about it. Start getting ready to come. I'll be publishing all the details in my newsletter in the very near future.

In the meantime, be sure to read the new posting on this website which will appear tomorrow... because... it is going to contain an exciting piece of very good news for many of you.

That's it for now.


Gary C. Halbert


P.S.   Once again, go to this website tomorrow afternoon for that spectacular piece of good news I mentioned a moment ago.





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