Hello My People Puppies,

       Emma, you did it again. You got a writing award and you make all of us Halberts very proud.

       Kevin and I started posting these letters on grandpa's website the other day and it is kind of odd, because it feels like the whole world is watching. I'll try not to embarrass you.

       The cool thing about having the letters online is, I can get feedback from people and if something is not clear, I will know and can make it clear. So, when you grow up and read these letters it should all be very clear.

       Someone wrote in, asking about how I came up with the reports and information in the bullets. That subject was not given much attention because most of the readers are interested in marketing.
I did say in an earlier letter, that had I not been able to write the reports, I could have my partners contribute content.
But it is much better when the content is yours and something you are passionate about.

       Here is how I did it.

       First, this is a subject I love. I have been studying business since I was a little boy. Due to grandpa, I grew up around office equipment, stationary supplies, newspapers, libraries and there was no aspect of business I was not exposed to.

       My father would pull me out of school to attend brainstorming sessions when I was only eleven years old, so I could see what he felt was rarely taught and very important. He was100% correct. By 12 I knew how to set up a tax shelter.

       I did seminars and even spoke at them giving my father's famous A-pile B-pile speech when he was tired.

       On top of all this, I went to college for business and tried to learn the management and big corporate side of business along with finance and accounting. I have a degree in International Business Administration and a Minor in Marketing.

       Later I became an operations manager for a retail outlet in Beverly Hills ran by a large corporation. Then, I went on to discover online trading. After some successful trading I started to help teach people how to trade off of breaking news releases.

       The time I spent learning working in business is not nearly as important as my father teaching me what to focus on learning.

       So, I do in fact have a very extensive and broad knowledge base of
The business world.

       I already had ideas for some of the info in the reports, but here is how I came up with more reports.


I LIVE My Project!

       When you LIVE your project you are always alert and aware of everything and anything that can help or hurt your business.

       If the TV was on, it was on CNBC. If it was late here I tuned into Bloomberg. I read the financial newspapers everyday along with news online.

       When anyone wanted to talk, I would let them know what I was up to. If they were an expert in any field I paid close attention and asked about the current state of their industry.

       I paid close attention to all sorts of experts.

       If the financial/investment world was such a rapidly changing area, I would have read more books.

       The Internet made it easy to do research into past events for lessons to be applied to today's economic climate.

       In other words…

I Became a Sponge For Financial Info!

       Then, I sat down with a list of the big news stories. I chose one issue at a time and focused on who stood to gain or lose.

       My info is based on expert opinions and yet it is all my own original conclusions as well.

       Some of it is easy like predicting that dollar stores and repo companies will do well.

       Other things, like predicting the need to upgrade power grids in cities, when electric vehicles hit the grid, was the end result of purposeful thought.

       The big change I was looking at, was all the plug in hybrid technology everyone is developing. When Honda debuts their plug in hybrid that can get up to 40 miles without a recharging, many people will buy them. Toyota and others have similar cars as well and even if gas stayed low, which it won't, first 40 miles on all electric means many people need…

NO GAS AT ALL!       

       Now I asked myself, "who would benefit from this?" Obviously the battery makers will do well, but when customers switch from gasoline t electric where is the money going? The answer is the electric power companies. There are a lot of them but they all have one thing in common.

       They all deliver that electricity over the same lines.

       Then I looked for clues to see if I was on or off target. I found evidence to support my theory and nothing to say I was off track.

       Once I put the thoughts to paper, I would read it aloud and use all the other proofing techniques I use on everything I write.

       This includes giving it to others to read.

       I gave them to a few people to proof and for opinions. I even asked my assistant Toni to rank them in order of favorite to least favorite.

       You know the information is hot when the readers tell you they want more info or they are going to check out something I recommended. I don't give a hoot if they say it is well written. I just want them interested in what I have to say or sell.

       To sum it up, live your project for a while, be a sponge absorbing information, work with others, never assume you are right and get lots of feedback. Do all of these and it will be hard for you to NOT have good information.



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