Hello again my mighty minions,

        Last time we discussed how to write the description and Meta tags for your website.

        Today, I want to focus on Google ads.

        There are other search engines you will place ads with, if successful, but Google is really the biggest search engine so I am just going to call them Google ads.

        One of, if not THE most lucrative part of Google's income comes from Google ads. Suppose someone puts in the word acne into Google. They get a long list of websites that deal in the topic of acne.

        But along with that list on the side or sometimes on the top, are little ads. Savvy marketers know, people who type in acne into a search engine like Google, are interested in getting rid of it. Nobody is actually interested in acne out of the blue.

        So the marketers pay Google to run those little ads.

        Google will use those keywords we discussed last time, to decide who sees what ads.

        Calculating how much you will spend on advertising is very simple and complex.

        The simple part is you determine how much you want to spend testing and the traffic is guaranteed. They only charge you for the people that actually click on your ad and visit your website.

        Unlike our newspaper ad, where we have to test to see how many responses we will get, we can just buy traffic.

        Now how much it cost depends on a few things. Obviously some people will be willing to pay more for the key words than us and that can drive the price up. BUT and this is a big BUT, if more people click on our ad after typing in those key words and stay, then Google assumes they like what they are seeing and in the interest to keeping their visitors/searchers happy, they…

Charge You LESS Money For Your Keywords!

        So that puts the pressure back on to provide better content and or marketing, on the front page than the next guy.

        Google ads are limited to the amount of text they can have. This is from their site:

        "Ads can contain, including spaces, 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the ad text, and 35 characters for a display URL. On Google, this is displayed on four lines: a title, two lines of ad text (each with 35 characters), and a URL line."

        The URL line is the link at the bottom which is usually someone's web address such as ours www.secretsoftherich.com . We could also just make it a link and have it read click here for free report but the link can take them to any address we use.

        Do Not Waste This Space. Make sure it reads something which compels them to click on your ad.

        Once at the website, it is all up to you to convert them from looking to buying. We will start discussing your home/sales page next letter.

        I decided to allocate a $1,000 to our Google ad test. I don't expect to make money right off the bat. However, I DO think I will find out if this is worth pursuing.

        Until then, remember your pop loves you.


PS The print ad is being reworked too and will be submitted soon. A whole lot going on at once.


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