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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

     Remember when someone first whispered into your ear. Remember that feeling when it dawned on you, this is it, this is the place, the real deal, better than any of that pretend guru B.S. people are paying for…… and IT’S FREE.

     Next comes all the signs of addiction, the lack of sleep as you read into the wee hours of the morning. The waves of euphoria and nervous excitement that come over you as you realize the endless possibilities. The power to grow your business much, much larger, or better yet, fearlessly start all over doing something you love.

     So here you are, armed with a pen and paper, gleefully jotting down all the nuggets of information written by a man who had to learn it the hard way, with his blood, sweat and tears.

     Here it is, without a doubt, the biggest short cut to success you’ve ever come across in your entire life, and you know that if your brother knew everything, except what you’ve learned at this site, he’d be way behind the curve.

     Next, part of you wishes all this great information wasn’t hanging there, naked, out in the open, for everyone and his cousin to see. Then you realize hanging out there was the only way you got to see it in the first place, so you end the sniveling.

     Next comes the changes to your marketing, the kind of changes that alter your lifestyle forever! You used to wonder how long after the pink utility bill your lights would stay on. Now you wonder if your wife will let you buy that sports car if you take her to Paris.

      Now you want more, because you realize, one twist, or one good marketing idea can change your stars, and now it’s a drop in the bucket for you to test new things.

     Your time is precious and if there’s anything you’ve learned, it’s better for you to learn from someone who’s been there, paid their dues, taken their lumps, and ask them, or (God forbid) pay them for their wisdom………if you can.

     One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that highly intelligent people never underestimate the value of input from experienced people, even if they aren’t nearly as smart as themselves. I.Q. will never beat out the first hand experience of a local fisherman. If you’re not nodding you head right now, you’re probably not the leader of your pack.

     One of my favorite words, much more than “Guru”, is “Savvy”.

     I define a “Savvy” person as one who has wisdom and success through a series of failures, and has developed an instinct for the tone of his trade. I know ‘developing an instinct’ is a contradiction but I don’t care; I’m the one talking here. And another thing, if you don’t like all my commas, tough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

     I digress. When a savvy guy or gal shoots their marketing arrow they don’t always hit the bulls eye, but they are usually closest to the center.

     Sound like anyone we both know?

     I think most people realize my father was a REALLY savvy guy when they read his book “How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time”, everyone calls it Max Money for short. That book details in short order how to go from no idea, no product and no money to starting your own successful independent business, and never work for anyone else ever again. To this day, I never stop hearing ‘your father changed my life’.

     Stupidly, I used to wonder if the 2.0 generation of young guns today would continue to find my father relevant. What was I thinking? People couldn’t kill off the legacy of turn of the century Claude Hopkins if they wanted to. How in the world could they do it to Sir Gary of Halbert. Human nature marketing is human nature marketing, people who ignore their teachings will easily be passed up by those who don’t. People who ignore their approach to marketing won’t become the savvy gurus of tomorrow. Don’t you just love Darwin?

     A fan of my father told me about two young guns named Adam and Alen. He said I should check out what they are doing, so I went over to their site and took a skeptical peek and was very surprised at what I found. When I talked to them, I found out these guys are big fans of Sir Gary, and it made a lot of sense because, their site, from the first 60 seconds in, to a few hours later, is full of pure online marketing ‘shortcut content’, just like Max Money and............ IT'S FREE!

You could slightly rename the chapters of Max Money to match their content .

  • How to Get A Product To Sell If You Don’t Have One Already
    And How To Get It For (almost) Nothing!
  • An Amazing Secret That Can Make
    Your Google Advertising 750% More Profitable!
  • Can It And Clone It!

They also show you …

  • How To Get Free Traffic For Life
    Without Being A Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • How To Boot Your Competition From The First Page Of Google's
    Search Results-You'll Almost Feel Guilty
  • The Money Word Matrix-
    How to Buy High Quality Traffic
    For A Fraction Of What Others Pay
  • How To Generate Multiple Streams Of Income Using Niche Marketing
  • How To Easily Identify Hot Niche Markets Filled With Hungry Buyers
  • Think Click Bank Is Dead-Think Again
  • Affiliate-Cash-Traps
  • Auto Pilot List Building
  • How To Double Your Web Sites Income In Less Than 24 Hours

     They pull back the curtain on so much stuff I can only imagine the countless hair pulling hours it took to figure it all out.

     The best part is they don’t just tell you how they do it, they show you, with complete on screen demonstrations.

     I was asking myself ‘why are these guys giving so much stuff away’ then it dawned on me, they're addicted fans of my father, and they want addicted fans of their own. Like my father, they don’t leave you hanging, they give you the whole enchilada, knowing you’ll listen up the next time they have something to say, so take a look at their free content, get on their mailing list (you want to be on their list, they use Aweber so you can unsubscribe any time) and check out their ad copy that's pulling like crazy.

     What I also like about them is that their core business is subscription based, like The Gary Halbert Letter was in the beginning, which means they have to work very hard to deliver the goods every month to keep their clients happy. They can’t phone it in on this deal.

     Listen up Buckwheat, AKA ‘Mr. Want something for nothing’. I’ve got something for you and it’s a Nine part mini series of some of the best 2.0 stuff your ever gonna get, and …………….IT’S FREE.

     Want to know why you should believe this is going to blow your mind? It’s simple.These savvy guys are going to spend several hours showing you shit you’ve never seen before. And in showing you just how much you don’t know, you’ll come to the understanding that......You are Now Learning From the Big Dogs.

They Are Going To Show You
Back Door Online Marketing Tricks
You Can Put To Use Right Now!

     It is only after they’ve given you their last drop of blood that you just might pony up a few bucks for a back stage pass. But instead of being offended you're gonna say ‘thank you for showing me a short cut to what could have taken me forever to figure out on my own.’

     Here’s Your Oportunity To Have Another Aha Moment,
Like The One You Had
When You First Discovered TheGaryHalbertLetter.

    Get your pen and paper ready.

      This is your chance to once again say to yourself  'this is it, this is the place, the real deal, better than any of that pretend guru B.S. you've been paying for…… and IT’S FREE.'


    Watch one of thier no strings tutorials right here, right now, while it’s still available.

I love the The Money Word Matrix and Niche Market Takeover Videos, your Google competition won't know what hit em!

Watch The Money Word Matrix (how to get free traffic for life) right here right now!

This video skips ahead to the meat of (How to find better key words for bargain prices).

Click Here to Watch Their Second No Strings Video
(Turning Traffic Into Money)

Note: If you sign up to have the nine free videos mailed to you, two of those nine videos will be the ones you just watched.


You'll Learn:

  • Product Creation Secrets
  • Adsense Recycler Formula
  • Affiliate Cash Traps
  • Business Automation Blueprint
  • Niche Profit Maximizer
  • Niche Market Takeover (little known secrets to search engine domination)
  • List Building Generator
  • Niche Vision

I watched each and everyone of them with intense interest. I quickly realized this is something our subscribers need to know about.


Kevin Halbert
The Prince's Prince of Print


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