Gary Halbert's Copywriting Seminar/Workshop Video Series

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--------------------Brainstorming Sessions (below)-----------------

12 hours of Gary Halbert Critiquing 100 Sales Packages!

The projects discussed were all real life examples sent in by subscribers.

The recordings...

Also Include John Carlton, Blade Thomas... and

Even Jay Abraham Visits For A Few Hours

These are so hot, I decided to make this initial announcement and special offer, because all of
them may be gone real fast and this way I won't have to write and polish a letter spelling out all
the benefits explaining how much the advice on these recordings are worth, because you already
understand the value of such content.
As a fan and subscriber, you know what 12 hours of Gary Halbert advice is worth. You also know that every concept he outlines is just as effective today because as the master at persuading people
to buy, his techniques are even more powerful in online videos and electronic sales messages.
Not only are all the powerful strategies explained in the recordings still profound, effective and
actionable, and the money making advice has become especially relevant in the past year.
With all the different sales packages discussed during the brainstorming session, there is specific,
powerful and super effective sales generating advice you can apply to any business.
My dad priced these at close to a $1,000 but we are slashing the price to just $299 which is still
an insanely good deal for twelve CDs filled with advice from Sir Gary of  Halbert.. But, we are offering them to serious Gary Halbert fans like you, for just $197 until the box is empty and they are all gone. If we find another box the price of this eye opening product will jump $100 to $299.
Have a great day,
Sir Bond of Halbert

PS Here is what my dad wrote about the event.

"It was a veritable orgy of ideas!

I'm talking, of course, about the first official Sir Gary of Halbert brainstorming session.
Remember how I promised that 13 of the world's best minds would work on ideas and
promotions sent in by my subscribers? Well, as it turned out, there were 27 world-class minds
involved in the event!
It really worked out neat. Paulette and I rented Sheraton Miramar's "conference bungalow" for
two days and it turned out to be the absolute perfect place to hold a brainstorming session. For
starters, the Sheraton Miramar is a beautiful, stately old hotel by the sea in Santa Monica that
has been featured in several movies. And secondly, the conference bungalow itself was utterly
charming. We had the whole room wired for sound and, on both days, for lunch, we had a deli
buffet on the patio on the ocean side of the hotel.

It sure was good of me to spring for all of this, wasn't it?

Actually, it was my pleasure and it was a genuine honor to interact with all those brilliant men
and women. And besides, as you already know, I am truly a Prince Of A Guy."


PPS Here are the subjects these legends of marketing discuss on the12 audio CDs.

Table of Contents

Disk 1

Evenson Gardening equipment

LaCasts Gambling system

Schults Wall paper ad

Eyman Geriatric care newsletter

Brechner Merchant account offer

Disk 2

Freedmore Video rating service

McCarthy Hemorrhoid cushion

Allen Housecleaning seminar

Feinstein Wealth maker package

Adams Diet product commercial

Sharief Promotional calendars

Barnhard Country music magazine

Jennings AAA Auto Club

Traeger Religious book publisher

Disk 3

Iams New clients – physical therapist

Molica Life Magazine dm piece

Shannon Financial newsletter

Ray Money-making opportunities

Owen Genealogy idea

Jensen Teachers aid program

Pettus Return postage key ring idea

Segnor Computer related product

Beaver Fluid absorbing product

Potter AAA Auto Club

Disk 4

Morrison Computer product

Lapitsky Real estate marketing idea

Neddinger Kwik facts little booklets

Ruud Lighting products catalog

Mitchell Dental impression product

Goetsch Plastic surgery – clients

Merrihew Tree planting service

Haynes Land auction promotion

Wolfe Gambling tables and supplies


Disk 5

Kraft Commodity system ad

Cook Computer software

Epstein Travel service

McKnight “How To” book idea

Sullivan Executive search firm

Rosenow National Arbor Day Foundation

Whitney Real Estate Investment Seminar

O’Laughlin Irish Coat Of Arms idea

Rowe Gemstone newsletter

Irby Apartment marketing campaign

Disk 6

Nells Clip art catalog

Spake Potency report ad

Elsman Marketing idea re: sketches

Wachtell Get new customers – banks

McCarthy dm package for human events

Fishback idea re: inserts in utility bills

Cawood Health books – prescriptions

Sargeant Data entry service

Disk 7

Neal Selling cemetery plots

Carden Insurance

Nelson Audubon Bird Society

Powell Newsletter for boutique owners

Schmidt Educational Guidance Center

DiBrano dm place for gamblers

Disk 8

Liquori National Pen Corp.

Rosenbaum Classes for singles

Marquis Coin ad

Roberts Phone/Computer hookup

Kendall Check writing system

Page Real estate development

Dowdle Car dealership

Kotler Plastic surgery leads

Disk 9

Kotler Plastic surgery leads

Molidor Fund raising – Catholics

Lapitsky Real estate leads

Tyner Idea for business cards

McGarrigle Photo processing equipment

Disk 10

Brady Fund raising pro-life

Evenson Review video for gardening product

Flanigan Financial book

McVey New product concept – review video

Popyk Brandy snifters

Duclos Golf product catalog

Goggins Envelope manufacturer

Tibideau Religious magazine

Naquin Self-evaluation business mailer

Good Aids video review

McNair Blood storage concept

Disk 11

McNair Blood storage concept

Elgin Deodorizer

Good More comments re: aids video

Cassidy Insurance

Levinsohn Cash flow solutions ad

Kennedy Ad for Empire Communications

Moore Business opportunity

Santomauro Roommate finders

Steiner Vitamin specialties catalog

England Coin ad

Mournier Magic tricks – idea

Connellan Self starter book

Powell Desktop publishing

Brosz Real estate marketing

Disk 12

Brost Real estate marketing

Jakel “No smiling” ad

Pierce Stocks ad

Quail Sweepstakes systems books

Schultz Family book club

Ellis Joke sheet newsletter

Lowsen Real estate source book

Buttis Housing development

Wilson Manufacturer, plastic cards

Humble Weekend miners hobby catalog

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