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Gary C. Halbert
North of Jewfish Creek
Thursday, 8:37 a.m.

Dear Friend,

   I have no idea how you got to this website.

   Maybe you read about it in some publication.  Maybe a friend referred you to it.  Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure dumb luck.

   But, however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the most valuable website on the entire Internet!

   Here's why: Back in September of 1986, I began publishing a newsletter cleverly called The Gary Halbert Letter

.  The subscription price was $195.00 per year and, with very little promotion, I soon had readers in more than 50 countries.  Then, I started offering a Lifetime Subscription for $2,855.00.

   And, guess what?  It wasn't long until nearly all my subscribers were Lifetime Subscribers!

   Since I began writing this newsletter, I have received thousands upon thousands of letters from people telling me how my newsletters have helped them make millions (sometimes tens of millions) of dollars, saved their health (and, in some cases, literally saved their lives), kept their marriages intact... and... in various other ways... improved their lives immensely.

   So, I got to thinking, "Well, hell... if what I write helps people this much, it should be available to everyone... even if... they can't afford to subscribe to my newsletter."  Therefore, I've put all my newsletters (with some very sparse editing) right here on this website... for... everyone in the world... to read...

Absolutely Free!

   Just click below where it says "Newsletter Menu"... then... you'll be taken to a page where you'll see a forest of envelope icons with "Headlines" on them.

   Each envelope contains one issue of my newsletter.  And, as you'll soon see, the subject of each individual newsletter is identified on the front of the envelope.  If it looks like any particular newsletter would be of interest to you, just click on the envelope it's in... and... shazam!... the entire text of that issue will appear instantly (no downloading required) on your computer screen.    You can read it on your screen, print it out and read it, schmuck it onto a floppy disk or CD... or... whatever your little heart desires.

   It's 100% free.  There's nothing you have to buy... and... on this website...

You Will NEVER See
A Scum-Sucking Pop-Up Ad

A Scum-Sucking Banner Ad!

   Please excuse my "French"... but... I hate those damn things.

   Whatever.  Anyway, I write a new issue of my newsletter approximately every 30-days... and... if you want to know immediately when a new issue is posted, just click below and send me your e-mail address. Then, I'll send you a one-line e-mail message each month telling you the brand new issue is now on the website. 

   In any case, I hope you find as much value in these newsletters as thousands of others have.

   Gary C. Halbert  
"The Prince Of Print"

P.S. Don't even think about reproducing and/or selling... even one sentence... of these letters in any form whatsoever. They are all copyrighted and, if you do rip them off, I guarantee you will have experience" so unpleasant... it will give you nightmares forever!  

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