Hey... I told you not to click that link...

Ok, since you are already here, I want to tell you a story...

While Bond and I were working on our dads personal ad breakdown. I decided to do some work at my local coffee house.

While I was there, I got to talking with this young girl.

You know the usual chit chat. Hi I'm blah blah, I work in blah blah etc..

So I get to telling her about the ad breakdown we are working on and I decide to let her take a look at it while I go about my business.

Well, she starts reading it and I think she is going to stop sometime and let me know it's pretty good... blah blah...

Shame on me... after all she is reading Gary Halbert copy.

I swear, for twenty minutes she was so consumed, you'd think she was reading a murder mystery.

She absolutely loved the ad.

And she looked at me like I was lunch... and I didn't write the ad... and she knew it.

Anyway, no triumphant ending... it was just great to see someone so young be blown away by an ad written almost thirty years ago...

You still got it pop.




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