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Dear Friend and Subscriber,

I am now going to write three words which, not long ago, I would have almost bet my life I would never write nor ever let come out of my mouth:

Bring Your Computer!

Can you believe it? I'm a guy who has a reputation for throwing computers down elevator shafts and into dumpsters. And, I believe my actions were correct when I was behaving like this.

You see, I would ask an employee to give me the Smith file. Instead of taking five seconds to open a metal filing cabinet, grab the file and hand it to me, she would spend 1-1/2 hours attempting to find that file which had been impregnated (she said for efficiency reasons) somewhere within a computer. This, admittedly, was in the dark days before Windows.

Since then, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age.

Subsequently, (but even before Windows) I've watched an endless parade of "computer experts" selling books, courses, seminars, etc. on the topic of how to make money on the Internet.

In truth, none of these "experts" even have a clue!

You see, every time a person visits your website, it's called a "HIT." So, one of the big secrets the experts promise to teach you is... how to get your website to always be included in the top ten matches when someone uses a search engine to look for something. These "experts" teach you which "buzz words" and "catch phrases" are currently the most frequent ones used on web searches.

It sickens me. Why? Because what they are teaching you is, in effect,  how to get a lot of uninterested people to visit your site.

Say someone is searching for raspberry jam and your website "expert" has taught you how to "trick" that person into visiting your website... although... your website is all about model airplanes. It's another "HIT" for you to chalk up and getting a lot of "HITS" means you will make a lot of money, right? WRONG! Here's the real definition of "HITS":

How Idiots Track Success!

Imagine HITS this way: Let's say you sell model airplanes and some scam artist sells you on the idea of buying an expensive billboard on I-95. He says you're gonna make a bundle because... so many people will see your billboard.

Sure. They'll see it for a microsecond as they whiz past it at     70 mph. Even then, only about 1 out of every 500,000 will have any interest in model airplanes. (Plus, none of them will have time to read your message anyway.) Thus, all that money you spent on that expensive billboard... which got you all those "HITS"... will be good for absolutely nothing. Nothing except giving you a big deduction when you file your taxes.

Here's something else these "experts" teach you: How to purchase "banner ads" on other websites so you can increase traffic to your website. Why do they do this? So you can sell banner ads on your website. It's like the blind leading the blind. It's an endless loop which reminds me of the stupidity of multi-level marketing.

Are There Real Ways

To Make Money With

A Website?

Yes, Virginia, there are some real ways to make money with a website. Here's a little-known fact about me: I, myself, have owned several commercial websites... every one of which... has made a quiet, spectacular profit.

How did I do it? It's easy.

And, after much deliberation, I've finally decided to let the cat out of the bag to a few (very few) of my Subscribers.

How will I do this? I'm glad you asked. I'm going to hold a seminar on the 27th, 28th and 29th of June in Los Angeles where I will reveal all of my little-known secrets of creating an extremely profitable website. In other words, if you attend this seminar, I will show you...

How To Make More Money

With A Website Than

Any Sane Person Can

Possibly Spend!

At my seminar, I'm going to teach you by showing you. I am now in the process of creating, what I honestly believe will be, by the end of this year... the most famous... and... one of the most profitable websites on the entire Internet. My new website will be launched on the first day of the seminar (June 27th). And, guess what?

The front page will be projected on a large screen (which will be in front of the attendees) throughout the seminar.

Why? Because... that front page will have a counter on it which will show how many people are visiting my website in real time. At first, there will be only a trickle. Then dozens. Then hundreds. Then thousands! The numbers will increase and increase... until... millions... perhaps even tens of millions are visiting the site... over and over... on a regular basis.

Those people won't be people I have "tricked" to visit my website by using buzz words or catch phrases to get me listed on the top ten matches of some search engine. Nope. All the people who visit my website will know exactly what they will find there... and... a nice, hefty percentage of them will end up paying me thousands upon thousands of dollars to purchase what is being marketed on that website because...

I Will Be Promoting It By Using

A New (And Super Effective) Method...

Nobody Has Ever Used Before!

But, I'm not the only person who knows new ways to promote a website. Here's part of a letter I recently received: 


I am a long time follower of your newsletters and other products. I have used what you have taught me and created several business' on the internet that are currently bringing in over 1.5 million dollars a year.

I started, as well as several others. They are online daytrading and SwingTrading chatrooms where we charge members 200.00 dollars per month to learn and benefit from realtime stock pick calls in the daytrading arena. We have migrated to offer CD ROM's, Online Universities, Stock Scanning Software packages, Tape series, etc.... We are currently in negotiations to sell MTrade for upwards of 1.5 million dollars.

We have been featured in numerous media publications and forums such as: CNNFN, CNBC, BusinessWeek,, Active Trader Magazine, LA Times, AP News, Investors Business Daily, USA Today, Business News Network Syndicated Radio, YAHOO finance Vision, Sage Online Chat, Radio, OnlineTrading Expo speaker, Speaking engagements at additional Expos and Seminars, Numerous Finance Radio talk stations, numerous local and national newspapers, Home Business Connection and more.

The point is, we are a force to be reckoned with in the industry. I took three relatively unknown traders and made them into the "perceived" experts in the field that media is constantly after. There are tons of online chatrooms centered around trading, but they come and go in droves. Nobody has the key to the market, operate and promote these types of business'. I do, and I took what I learned from you, Jay and many others and adapted it to fit the ever changing environment of Internet Marketing. Where others fail, I succeed.

I have developed a "cookie cutter" type methodology to start, promote and profitably run these types of business'.

I specialize in starting these business' with a very low start up cost. I started with less than 500 dollars and built it into a 3/4 of a million dollar business, at almost NO expenses.

I believe I have the correct formula for this. I am not approaching you to get you into this type of business with me, but, my passion is with marketing. I have always wanted to work with you and thought this might be a good opportunity. Do you have any interest in joining me in a joint venture, creating some product that teaches others to do exactly what I have done?

I am NOT interested in creating a product that is like the Internet Marketing trash on the net. What I am talking about is taking apart, piece by piece what I have done, by someone who is CURRENTLY doing it, THAT WORKS.
  • Lay out exactly what I did right, and wrong
  • What is currently working and what is not
  • How the link between PR and ebusiness is crucial
  • How to start up these internet chats, get the name out, get the order, get the repeat order
  • Stay legal
  • Find out exactly what your competition is doing with a simple trick and software package that is free
  • Why banners don't work, except one
  • How I sold one banner ad for 120K per year
  • How I worked a deal worth 18K per month with a broker and he thanked me for it
  • Why you should offer a daily email for free
  • How to capture and create your most valuable asset, your mailing list from every visitor who clicks your page
  • How I captured the biggest 5 competitors customer list in two days, over the weekend (legal and they thanked me for it)
  • How one simple phone call allowed me to find out exact marketing plans from 6 of my largest competitors
  • How I am in the process of selling one business for over 1.5 million dollars
  • How to get free advertising on the net
  • How an affiliate program is your most powerful marketing tool
  • Do it yourself PR with phenomenal results
  • Chatroom, how to set up, run and profit from them

I have a list of HOOKS that are phenomenal for any marketing campaign. And you can imagine the follow on products and sales from an initial lead product.

The list goes on and on. While the other dot.coms are flaming out, my projects are rising stars. Should you not be interested in working together, thanks anyway for all you have taught me. My family and I appreciate it. Can you let me know either way?

Please drop me an email with a contact number or email where we can continue our talks if you are interested in this.


                                              Jeff Tappan


Wow! Was that a bitch of a letter or what? I called Jeff as soon as I read it... and.. the story got even more exciting! You see, Jeff Tappan is in the Navy. He heads up a squadron of helicopter pilots... which means...

He Made His Millions Working Part-Time!

He's going to be at my seminar and I'm giving him an entire day to tell you all his secrets. He's promised to totally spill his guts. He'll reveal everything he talked about in his letter to me... plus... much, much more.

After he finishes his presentation, we'll have an uninhibited question and answer session where the attendees can ask him any questions whatsoever.

The following day, I'll be taking the stage. By that time, the number of visits to my website will be skyrocketing. It's at this point I'll reveal in exact detail how I created... and more importantly... how I promoted my website. I guarantee... it will stun you!

Next, I'm going to create a website for every attendee at the seminar which...

Will Be Up And Running

Before The Seminar Is Over!

I'll have some help with this. My son, Kevin, is the top digital imaging expert in Los Angeles. He's truly an "Alpha Geek." When the famous comedian, Sinbad, did his special TV and Internet event from Aruba, he hired Kevin to go with him as "insurance" just in case anything went wrong.

Also, my other son, Bond, and my "road dog" buddy, Scott "Mongo" Haines who are not "Alpha Geeks"... but... who are computer savvy... will "translate" what the geeks are saying into plain English. They will do this so the rest of us "normals" can understand this vital information and put it to work.

But wait! What if you don't have a product to sell or a website? Well, there's one type of product which is perfect for selling on the web... and... there will be a surprise "mystery" guest speaker to teach you how to create your own truly "killer" website product...

In Just 14 Days...

Or Less!

Now, let's get to the best part of all: Remember how last month's issue of my newsletter showed me with all those celebrities? Want to know what I charged in L.A. for my copywriting services? A mere $30,000.00 up front (in advance)... plus... 5% of all gross sales!

The client was happy to pay that fee and, so far, they've gotten 1,000 times their money's worth. What's that have to do with the seminar? Again, I'm glad you asked. My seminar price includes you receiving one full-blown promotion... written by me... with no 5% of gross sales ever added to the price! Listen...

If You Are Going To Only One

Seminar During The Rest Of Your Life...

This Is The One You Must Attend!

Now, I'm going to break some hearts.

You see, I'm determined to make this seminar the kind I've always wanted to do. It will be a "Players Only" seminar... and... it will be the most expensive seminar I've ever put on. Not only that, you can't pay with a credit card. You've got to pay by check... and... you've got to pay early. Plus, I want to talk with you one-on-one via the phone before I agree to allow you to attend.

I could charge a much lower price, get more people to attend and  end up making much more money. But, the truth is, at this time, I'd rather give a seminar for 3 real players... than... 300 starry-eyed  "wanna-be's."

If you want to come, it's gonna cost you a staggering $11,970... and... I realize 99% of my Subscribers can't afford to pay such an outrageous amount. I'm sorry about that. I truly am. But damnit, this time I want do a seminar where... every person in the room... is a dyed-in-the-wool certified player... and... is already a winner!

One more thing: Nobody gets to come to this seminar for free. There will be no "comps" whatsoever. And, right here and now, I want to write something which will prevent a certain type of letter and phone call or fax. The messages I don't want to deal with usually say something like this:

"Gary, my name is Dickhead Jones and I've been running a profitable website [which is a lie] for ten years. If you'll let me come to your seminar comp'd for free, I'll be glad to take a couple of hours and teach what I have learned to all your attendees."

The answer is NO! NO! NO! Is there anything about "NO" you don't understand? NO! Just plain, ol' NO!

Let me tell you something: I don't care how much you "think" you know about creating a profitable website... because...

You Don't Know Shit

Compared To What

Each Attendee At My Seminar

Is Going To Learn!

You want to come... you gotta pay.


   Gary C. Halbert
"Modest, Quiet, And
Soft-Spoken To The Core"


There is one extra thing about this dealybop which, if you are thinking about coming, might lighten your load a little...

All Paid Attendees Can
Bring One Extra Person...
At No Extra Cost!

So, if you truly are interested... and... you truly are a player... then please call my office at 1-305-534-7577 and leave a message for Sally. Tell her the best times I can return your call to give you the details, answer any questions you may have... and... I can verify you're the type of player who will benefit from attending. Of course, you'll also have to leave your name and telephone number.

If you have access to a fax machine, that'll speed up my response time to you. All you have to do is fax me at 1-352-861-1665 with your name, telephone number and the best times for me to return your call.

That's all folks.


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