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Gary's Portrait

Pic of The Gary Halbert Letter Print Edition

Kevin C. Halbert
Los Angeles, California

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

     On September 1st 1986 The Gary Halbert Letter was born.

     It would mark the beginning of something so profound it would forever change the lives of people all around the world.

     Gary Halbert had just been released from Boron Federal prison camp... "Club Fed."

     It was one of the best things that ever happened to our father.     

A dynamic person like Gary Halbert doesn't fare well in captivity.


     So why was it so good?

     Because a pent up person can only think of all the things they will do once they are finally free.

     The time at Boron gave Gary ten months to come up with a master plan to take over the world.

     And by his definition that is exactly what he did.

     He left Boron and took on the world with a passion and a vengeance that was unstoppable.

     The truth is, he was still working while in Boron.

     He wrote the best-selling book... The Boron Letters. A book that continues to sell like crazy on Amazon.

      That book was the primer for what would become... The Gary Halbert Letter... a high end monthly newsletter.

     The newsletter was originally intended to be sold to serious marketers and entrepreneurs. The high ticket annual price kept all the tire kickers behind the wall.

     The newsletter would be his calling card... his magnet if you will... to attract real players in the direct response marketing universe.

     Mind you, it wasn't only intended for the rich, but rather to let in the serious players... rich or poor... beginners or seasoned veterans.

  A serious player isn't always successful. A serious player is simply unstoppable. A serious player will beg, borrow or steal to come up with the subscription price of Gary's newsletter.


  Gary made some money off newsletter subscriptions... but that wasn't his true motivation.


     The real benefit was that he could make people rich!

     He could change their lives in ways nobody else could.

     He made SOME people so successful that working directly with Gary became one of their biggest dreams and a real possibility.

     And because of the wealth his letters helped people generate, they could easily afford to hire him or do joint ventures together.

     One day back in the year 2001, my dad called and offered to pay me a bunch of money ($9,000) to put his newsletters online.

     On May 3rd 2001 was born.

     Gary had achieved so much success and had changed so many lives for the better... he decided to go even further and change as many lives as possible.

     He no longer needed to build momentum around himself... the biggest players in the world already knew who he was.

     It was now time for every person on the planet to benefit from his wisdom as soon as possible and with as little friction as possible.

     The Gary Halbert Letter lifetime subscription originally cost his subscribers just under $2,000. And now here was Gary giving away something for free while other "experts" were charging a lot more for inferior content.

     Were Gary's lifetime subscribers pissed when he decided to give away free online the newsletters he charged them $2000 for?

     Absolutely not.


     Because most of them got their investment back many times over before he ever decided to give the letters away.

     The online newsletter... instantly became ground zero for all marketers... from beginner to expert.

     It became the repository for 25 years of some of his greatest wisdom.

     But there was something lost when the letters went online...

     Soon after he published the letters online Gary ceased printing and mailing the letters. Everyone could get the letters instantly online without waiting for it to be delivered in the mail. Plus it saved him all the related printing and shipping costs.

     Gone were the days when people were actually excited with the anticipation of opening their mailboxes and finding a Gary Halbert Letter inside which could help bring prosperity to their lives... instead of just the endless stream of bills that only seem to empty their bank accounts.

     Back in the day his loyal fans could go to their mail box... open that "A-pile" envelope... pull out the letter... and settle in for a story that would take them on a journey and teach them some of the most valuable and hard earned life lessons Gary went through... without them ever having to go through those experiences themselves. A genuine shortcut.

     Some were cautionary tales.

     Some were the real world secrets he had learned in the trenches on the way to discovering the real secrets of how to get rich as quickly as possible.

     Some were lessons in the big picture... what to focus on... What to forget.

     His writings are addictive and unforgettable. And yet there are so many pearls of wisdom contained in them that each person reading through them discovers his or her own personal favorite Gary Halbert Quote.


     His stories were captivating... addictive... and mesmerizing.

  There was no one like Gary Halbert.


     He was colorful... outrageous... and larger than life.


     It wasn't an act... he couldn't help it.


     People loved him.

     People hated him.

     But he was unforgettable.

     To spend any time with him was to be taken on a wild ride.

     Everyone who has ever met him has what we call a "Gary Halbert Story."

     He was extremely generous and apologized for little. When he did apologize, it was for things you wouldn't expect.

     He was very flawed but he never hid it.

     In his newsletters he shared more of himself than others would ever dare.

     People tell us constantly that reading through the letters makes them feel like they knew him.

     He wasn't just some corporate drone writing some white papers on marketing.

     No... he shared himself... warts and all. And people loved him for it.

     The day he died... the world dreaded the reality that the voice and words of the “Prince of Print” had fallen silent.

     No longer would they hear his words in their head... the pearls of wisdom... the brutal but honest truth.

     No more letters.

     No more stopping everything to read his words standing in front of their mailbox... instead of over a waste basket. No more taking the mini-vacation that was reading those letters while they were actually on vacation,because reading the letters wasn't work.

     Gary Halbert has some of the most passionate fans... and his crowd of loyal followers continues to grow... today there are more than ever.

     I remember once being at a John Carlton seminar. For some reason I had a box of old over-sized Boron Letters books in my car. These books were damaged in Florida's humidity, causing the glossy covers to be fused together. To separate them you had to basically tear the covers off.

     Anyhow, I brought the box into the event and people went crazy for them. I was honest with them. I told everyone the Boron Letters were free on Gary's website. 


     They didn't care... they still wanted to pay me $97 for the book. They acted like I wasn't talking. Even though they could get it for free they just wanted to push me aside and get their hands on the damned book.

  Wished I had packed more boxes that day.


  Ever since we took over for our father, we've asked people time and time again what they would like to see come from us now.


  The single most common request we get is for a re-print edition of the letters.


     People want to hold them in their hands again... just like Gary's original lifetime subscribers did.

     Printing the PUBLISHED letters was something we'd always had planned in the back of our minds to do someday.

     To be honest the reason we held off printing the letters was because people could just print them themselves. Even though the ink and time spent could be prohibitive and less than impressive.

     And why do it if they could do it themselves?

    Who were we to argue... they knew all this and yet they still wanted the official Halbert letters... the way they looked back in the day.

     We have a few of the original letters and there is just something magical about holding the printed letters in your hand rather than a bunch of loose sheets of paper stapled together.

     We got to thinking... what would be the best way to reproduce the letters? And this is what we came up with.

     We decided to print the letters just like they were originally... two oversized sheets folded in half to make up an eight page letter, or three sheets to make up a twelve page letter... etc.

     Not only that... the letters would be saddle stitched so they would never come apart.

     Not only that... the letters would be three-hole punched so the letters can be organized into two large leather and gold embossed 3-ring binders.

     And that is just what we did.

     To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Gary Halbert Letter we are making available a printed version of a collection of newsletters that were originally printed and released on the website.

     But wait!... there is more... WAAAAAAAAY more!

     What many people didn't know was that only about half of Gary's newsletters were ever posted on his website (only about 500+ pages... not including the new ones that were never printed and only released online). The letters that were only ever released online will NOT be in this printed edition... perhaps in the future.

     So why were so many letters never released to the public?

     Well first of all, some of the newsletters were WAY too personal... even for Gary.

     Some of the letters praised people Gary later no longer liked. Gary weaved his letters into one long story, it wasn't that easy to edit just the one little bad part out of the letter... so the whole letter got pulled.

     Then there are letters where he changed his stance on something.

     Some letters are VERY controversial. Others were pitches for products (now priceless long copy swipes).

     And some letters were no longer accurate.

    Some letters refer to other letters we no longer have!

     To be honest it is a mixed bag..


We will never publish these letters online!!

   Once inside you will understand WHY?

     It is because there is no one standing next to readers... someone who can give them perspective on what Gary was really trying to say... and in today's environment everyone is putting words in your mouth... trying to tell you what you are really saying.

     To be honest we were never 100% sure we would even release the unpublished letters offline... we may yank them off the table without any warning.

  We consider them...


The Halbert Family Private Reserve Collection


   To be passed down through our family's generations.


     Because it is only a person who has the right perspective and mindset who can fully appreciate them... and the pearls of wisdom contained in them.

     These letters aren't for the general public... they are for people who are proud to call themselves died in the wool "Shitweasels."

     In a good way the letters cost a small fortune to reproduce (hundreds of dollars). Some parts of it are dealt with by hand and they aren't produced overnight.


   Somewhat fortunate is that... because the letters are so expensive to produce... it ensures they will only be delivered into the hands of serious fans who can fully appreciate doubling up on their Gary Halbert wisdom.




   FYI... these letters aren't going to arrive overnight. The printer says they will take seven business days to produce... and that is just a guess.



   To be honest I haven't re-read the letters recently... I'm kinda scared of what they might contain. One letter had a picture of a guy’s social security number.


   About the condition of the letters...

     Full disclosure... these letters aren't perfect reproductions. They are made from scans of the original letters. In most cases you would never notice... but there are SOME IMPERFECTIONS.

     The real truth is we don't want picky people buying this. 

     We'd rather share them with people who would fight to get their hands on this.

     Here comes the pitch and bullets...

     First off I'd like to give credit where credit is due...

     Every once in a while someone asks whether they can be an intern or prot�g�... for years we said NO.

     Finally we have let a few people work WITH us... they gain access to us and what we've learned. Either from us directly or from Gary Halbert content.

     Life has been crazy for us lately... I won't bore you with the details.

     Suffice it to say we fell behind on things so I put a task upon our friend Jon McGreal to read the unpublished letters and write the bullets for them... to sufficiently tease your greed glands for what is inside these amazing letters you won't find on the website.

     The copy thus far is mine... Kevin Halbert.

     The following is Jon's... with possibly some modifications by me.

     There won't be summaries on all the letters here... there just isn't that much time. But you will get the idea.


  1. This newsletter is the ultimate Gary Halbert direct marketing cheat sheet… with all of Gary’s most profitable ideas from the previous three years’ newsletters condensed into one… you will discover 58 vital check-list questions you need to ask yourself so you can maximize how much money you make from your marketing efforts.

  2. In this issue Gary reveals to you an easy yet effective way the pros use to become more mentally agile… so you can unlock your creative process… his blueprint for brainstorming so you can make “big bucks”… and how you get to have fun while doing it all!

  3. Tips on making a successful direct mailing campaign.

  4. How to make the biggest impact on your prospects so you can make bigger bucks! In this letter Gary reveals how preconceived notions of your target market can harm your business… whereas when you really understand the market and the profound differences between different groups of people you can start to use facts to your advantage… and become a first rate marketer. Also included are five typical marketing blunders every business should know about.

  5. Discover Gary’s simple 3 step formula to make a powerful impact on your customers… and a proven marketing strategy which he used to make one of his clients $24 million in sales in just one yearand how you can do it too!

  6. List of people Gary recommends businesses hire.

  7. How to get newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations to print or broadcast stories about you and your company in such a way it will generate a huge amount of business for you… for FREE… this very strategy helped a friend of Gary’s make $3,610,950… also included is a nifty technique to get your book published among thousands of other wannabe authors.

  8. Discover how Gary’s bank “legally” kidnapped his money… and get a more personal look at Gary as he gives you an insight into his private life and personal struggles. Also… a promotion for a credit card book. 

  9. In this issue Gary reveals how his marketing techniques work even better on corporate executive types and business owners… discover what Gary believes is the biggest problem with nearly all advertisinghow accountants and similar professions can make some truly big-time money by increasing their client base TENFOLD! And the importance of and how to make an impact with your advertising… which a seminar attendee of Gary’s used to net over 600,000 for his business.

  10. How to have a successful newsletter… in this issue Gary shares with you ten rules he used to grow a following of thousands of loyal subscribers in 24 countries all around the world… and how you can too!

  11. Discover how to increase your credibility to get more sales… Gary gives ten of his most powerful tips he used to build trust with his prospects… including a special technique which he developed himself… and some powerful words of wisdom on how to be successful and achieve your goals.

  12. Written while the war in the Middle East was going on… in this issue Gary reveals how winning a war, just like marketing, is a process, not an event… as he shares with you the strategy he used to build long-term customer relationships… including an 8-step strategy he used to sell out a seminar in just the first day.

  13. Why cure has a sales appeal at least 1,000 times stronger than prevention… and how, after a brief spell being sick, Gary learned to overcome this and sell people preventions as well as cures.

  14. A sincere apology letter... Ever mess up with your customers or colleagues?... see how Gary handles it.

  15. How to take a person through the nurturing process from being a “suspect” to becoming a "prospect" and finally, a “customer,” without investing too much money... and a strategy for getting endorsements from professionals and celebrities to help you boost the sales of your products and services!

  16. Gary reveals a formula which can make you rich… brings you through the process great copywriters go through on their journey to becoming world class pros… and the power of risk reversal and how to make it work successfully for you.

  17. At a time of global unrest… riots, burning and looting in L.A., Hurricanes in South Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii… earthquakes in California… famine in Somalia… and the AIDS epidemic… Gary shares his thoughts on how important and powerful it is to realize the quality of our lives depends on our own actions and not acts of God, nature, politicians, and the economy… and how for the most part, we can have whatever we choose.

  18. Talks about his relationship with Jay Abraham and a seminar Jay did in Australia. He then promotes the seminar as a product of cassettes and a 300 page workbook. Where he helped businesses in Australia when the country was going through its worst economic crisis.

  19. Discover the correct mindset of success… which Gary used to help him make more money in 30 days than in the previous 6 months… and you can use too!

  20. These are time sensitive suggestions... for e.g. buy an old course, listen to a particular news station of a guy who’s now passed away.

  21. How to profit in what Gary believed was the most underexploited advertising media in America… including some ad ideas for different professions to use in it… which you can modify to suit yours… so you can exploit it and make a profit too!

  22. Gary reveals what businesses can do to give them the highest chance of success despite a bad economy… with real world examples you can use for your business too.

  23. Mini-version of Gary’s Million Dollar Rolodex featuring the “Best of the best” of direct marketing specialists you need to know.

  24. How to write copy which can make you rich!

  25. Discover the four books which had the most impact on Gary’s life… where he learned things such as how to naturally release a chemical 200 times stronger than morphine… and how to build powerful habits.

  26. Includes a letter of appreciation from Gary Bencivenga.

  27. How to effectively start your own successful direct response company… includes a proven strategy to use… mistakes to avoid… and how to do it on a tight budget.

  28. How to give profitable seminars… discover the secrets Gary learned about how to give successful seminars... the techniques he did to ensure they ran smoothly… which allowed him to charge up to $25,000 per attendee… and ensure they all got their money’s worth… and how you can do it too.

  29. How celebrities can help you win over clients and get more business.

  30. Promotion of a tape from a seminar in which he tells a secret advertising method

  31. How to overcome your prospects’ “fear” of buying from you.”

  32. Discover what Gary learned about electronic marketing… after traveling thousands of miles and having dozens of discussions with experts… as well as why he avoids computers and thinks you should too.

  33. Also included are some tips on making classified ads work the right techniques and words to use… and a simple change which will at least double response.

  34. Gary becomes a grandfather as Jeff’s wife gives birth to Torin.
  35. Discover 5 simple steps Gary used as he attempts to double the number of subscribers to a financial newsletter from 400,000 to 800,000… and how you can use the same strategy to improve any other type of mailing.

  36. How to put sex appeal into your advertising… without offending your customers.

  37. Promotes a seminar in South Beach, Miami.

  38. Discover more tips from Gary on how to write good copy… how to research, increase your creativity and other useful tips… as well as a simple trick he used to make even Ernest Hemingway’s writing better.

  39. In this issue Gary reveals to you an easy yet effective way the pros use to become more mentally agile… so you can unlock your creative process… his blueprint for brainstorming so you can make “big bucks”… and how you get to have fun while doing it all!


   Pretty amazing right?


   And that is just some of the letters!


  Imagine what just one of those letters might do for your life? How does being able to read the letters away from the distraction of daily life throw at you online? How to fully immerse yourself in this life changing content.


    To snap open the 3-ring binder... pull out ten issues or so... throw them in your bag... read them at lunch... on the subway... on the airplane when you are forced to turn off all devices and go off the grid.  

You get the idea.

   How many of today's heroes you look up to give Gary credit for their start by reading and listening to him?

    How much advice from others originated from him?

    Wouldn't you rather hear it directly from the horse's mouth... instead of some watered down regurgitation?

    Where would you be today without just the letters Gary posted on his website?

    Where might you be if you almost doubled it?... Over 500 additional unpublished pages!

    We can't guarantee future editions will contain every letter... some might have to be pulled.

   We've delayed almost ten years to bring this to you... and we make no promises to continue to turn the crank and print this content and make it available to you in the future.

    It was only because of Gary's 30th anniversary that we felt motivated to do something really special, release these letters and include the unpublished ones.

   For now... you too can have a set of The Halbert Family Private Collection... to pass down through your family's generations.

    What could be more valuable?

   WARNING... some are definitely controversial. Please remember these letters aren't for everyone.

    Especially if you are sensitive to brutally honest and strong language.

    Perhaps in the future we will only offer those letters which were released online... because many of the unpublished ones aren't safe for the general public.

   As I said earlier we hesitated to re-release the letters... partly because we didn't want to send you into sticker shock.


   Again this offer isn't for everyone... It's not for people who have the mindset "Hey I can get the letters for free online"... Its not for people who want to print only the published letters on their printer.


    It's for people that want to get the full "Gary Halbert Letter experience."

    Would you like to hear Gary's voice again through over 500 additional pages of letters he never posted online? 

    Do you think this collection might show you ways you can be writing persuasive copy that converts like crazy that no other copywriter has ever even thought of?

   When it comes to price... let me ask you this...


    If you wrote these letters... how much would you ask for over 1100 pages of the world's most valuable collection of newsletters and ad copy?


   Would you even share these advantages with others?


   Let me also ask you this...


    Does just hearing Gary's voice in your head inspire you to write great copy? 

    Would you like even more LIFE CHANGING copywriting and marketing lessons told in a story format that is entertaining... addictive... powerful... crystal clear... and unforgettable?!

    If so... now is your chance to get in on this 30th anniversary offer that has never been made before.

    If you like to collect the best of the best materials on marketing... if you want the best resource on marketing on your shelf. The ultimate in your prized collection...

    Go get it now while you still can

Pic of The Gary Halbert Letter Print Edition
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