Halbertism #31

Monday, June 14, 2004

If you are sending out snail mail sales letters, try to send

them so they are most likely to arrive on a Tuesday.

U.S. Post Offices are open until noon or so on Saturdays and, that is the best day for you to mail your letters to get them to arrive on a Tuesday.

And, if they don't arrive on a Tuesday, they are likely to arrive on a Wednesday or a Thursday, which are also good days.

On Mondays, people are grumpily going back to work and are a little exhausted just thinking about all the shit they've gotta do.

On Fridays, they're thinking about the weekend and making mental plans about what they are going to be doing.

On Saturdays, they are already into the weekend and not likely to be interested in reading a sales letter.

On Sundays, there's no mail delivery.


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